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TMJ Massage in Alexandria VA

TMJ MassageCould you use some TLC for your TMJ? Massage therapy can help. We specialize in techniques that help relax affected joints and muscles and decrease pain. Chronic jaw tension is a headache and a half. In addition to basic pain relief, you could benefit from a little extra comfort and relaxation to help your jaw and surrounding areas unwind at a deeper level.

Powerful Relief for Headaches and Jaw Pain

TMJ, or temporomandibular joint dysfunction, is pain in the jaw joint and surrounding muscles resulting from tight muscles. This can cause tension headaches, pain while eating or moving the jaw, teeth grinding or clenching, ear pain, and more.

We massage the specific muscles that have tightened and are causing your pain. The masseter muscle, which connects your lower and upper jaws, is the strongest muscle in the body—which means massaging it provides tremendous pain relief. If you’re comfortable with it, we will put gloves on and rub the masseter muscle from inside your mouth, since it’s a little more accessible from inside.

Because the masseter muscle is so strong, applying pressure to it will feel a little uncomfortable at first. Stick with us, because the results are worth it. Our clients are often surprised by the depth of relief they take home after a session.

We Target Every Area of Tension

Each session may last 15-30 minutes, depending on your therapist and your needs. You can book a TMJ session on its own or as a 15-minute add-on to any other massage.

We give every client a complimentary massage to the entire area that may have been affected. We address the scalp and stretch out the neck, back, and shoulders to make sure you’re not left with any residual tension.

Frequency of Visits

Clients should see us a minimum of twice a month so we can reduce your pain as quickly as possible. You use your jaw muscles all day long as you chew and talk, and night grinders are putting stress on those muscles even during sleep. Frequent visits are important to work through that tension and get you feeling better fast. Once you start to experience relief, we can then space appointments out a little more as we move you to maintenance care.

In addition to seeing us as often as possible, you should also check in with your primary care provider to ask about any recommendations, especially if you’re in a lot of pain. You might benefit from using a mouth guard while you sleep to prevent nighttime clenching and grinding.

Gentle Care for Your Face and Neck

We’re sensitive about working with your face and keeping that skin healthy and bright. Instead of massage body lotion, we use a gentler rose and hibiscus face oil and then remove it with soft towels. We know that along with feeling your best, you want to look your best too, so we go the extra mile to pamper your skin even as we provide relief for your muscles.

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