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Back Pain Treatment in Alexandria

person with lower back pain sitting in a chairIn recent times, people have been a lot less active than in the past. The spine, in general, is articulated—it’s meant to keep moving. If we’re more sedentary, with prolonged periods of sitting at our desk, this creates pressure systems in the back because of the lack of motion.

When the spine isn’t moving like it should, the discs start to dehydrate. The joints become irritated, and inflammation sets into the spine. Most people will develop some sort of low back pain as a result.

New Types of Problems

People are coming into the practice now because they’re working from home and their workstations aren’t so great. Our posture suffers due to all the hours spent sitting at our desks. We’re seeing more complaints of low back pain that has been aggravated by prolonged sitting and household chores.

Because people are not as active, their backs are weaker, and their core has also gotten weaker. These are the types of patients we’re seeing in our practice now.

How Chiropractic May Help

When pressure starts to increase inside the joint, it may become stuck or restricted. It’s not moving the way it should, because your posture has changed. When posture changes, it creates uneven wear and tear or pressure systems on the spine.

Chiropractors do two things—one, they remove the pressure from the joint with the adjustment. Two, when the pressure is removed from the joint, endorphins are released. Considered the body’s own natural pain medication, endorphins are what makes you feel good when you’re running—and makes you feel like you want to keep running.

Our office staff will greet you when you enter. You’ll fill out a few forms not found on our online portal. As a courtesy, we do an insurance verification for you, to let you know what your insurance benefits are prior to the evaluation.

Once everything has been processed at the front desk, you will be brought back into the exam room. Your doctor will perform an extensive evaluation to help us determine your diagnosis. If additional testing is necessary (e.g. an X-ray or MRI), the care plan will be put on hold until those results are received.

The majority of patients will receive care on their first visit to provide some much-needed relief.

How did this happen?

It’s hard to pinpoint one action or cause of back pain. Usually, it’s not one action, but instead a lot of micro traumas over the years which grow into a macro trauma. Dr. Shara asks patients, are you sedentary for extended periods of time? We can guesstimate that may be the source of your back pain.

What can I do to prevent it?

On the first visit, we typically send patients home with a worksheet with tips on how to prevent back pain. At your second visit, the report of findings, we go over your diagnosis codes, your care plan, as well as home exercises we assign for you.

These exercises are designed to help you hold your adjustment, or remain feeling pretty good from the adjustment. More importantly, they’re there to strengthen the weakened areas and help correct your posture.

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