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Spinal Decompression in Alexandria

spinal decompression table

If you’re suffering from herniated, bulging or slipped disc issues and are looking for an effective solution, consider non-surgical spinal decompression at Back to Health Center. This form of motorized traction involves a decompression unit, which opens up the space between the spinal bones, creating a type of “respiration” of the fluid that surrounds the joint.

The damaged disc receives nourishment and gets rid of cellular waste, enhancing the healing process. Non-surgical spinal decompression also relieves pain.

For those who are tired of relying on corticosteroid injections or pain relievers for their discomfort. non-surgical spinal decompression is an excellent alternative. And unlike surgery, there is no downtime with decompression!

Who Could Benefit?

If you are experiencing any of the following, you may benefit from non-surgical spinal decompression:

  • Headaches coming from nerve pain in your neck
  • Numbness, tingling or sharp, shooting shock-like pain into the arms, hands, shoulders and legs
  • Sciatic pain
  • Low back pain that causes radiation into the buttocks, to the back of the legs and front of the legs or into the foot
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

Low Back Pain

If you have sciatic pain radiating down into your leg coming from a disc in your low back, we will lay you back on the table, apply a strap around your waist, and a strap around your chest.

We will then hook the strap around your waist into a cable. There’s a pulley system at the end of the table. What the pulley system does is pull on the belt you’ll be attached into, so it can separate the joints. You’ll feel a little compression in your hips and a gentle tug in your low back, alleviating that pain.

Neck Pain

For the cervical spine, we have a hook where it has a track, so you’ll place your neck on the track, and there are two little nodules that go on either side of the skull. We will strap you in, and the pulley system attaches to the track. The wire will pull gently on your neck on the device to create more of the elongation of the spine.

Does spinal decompression hurt?

No, it’s gentle and restorative. When on the table, the patient doesn’t feel anything happening, but when they get off, they are surprised by how much better they feel.
Do I have to be a chiropractic patient?

No, spinal decompression is a stand-alone service for those with acute disc pain. We offer the service as an individual service, or you can purchase it in packages. When you pre-purchase a package, you can get discounts.
Is there anyone who can't have therapy?

The following shouldn’t have spinal decompression: pregnant women and those who have had fusion done in the area.
Is it effective?

Yes. Most research has shown that spinal decompression is successful in 71% to 89% of patients. Here’s an example of a study done to determine the benefits.
How long does it take?

It takes just 15 minutes per session.
What should I wear?

Something you’ll feel comfortable lying down in.
Do you have an age limit for patients?

The therapy isn’t appropriate for children, but those in their late teens can have spinal decompression.
How many sessions are needed?

It depends on how aggressive the disc is. Most people will need 8-12 sessions if there’s a significant bulge.

Will My Issue Heal on Its Own?

No! It’s important to get treatment. That’s because if a disc condition is bad enough and has gone untreated, it can cause weakness or loss of strength in the area it goes to.

For example, if you have a significant low back disc injury, you can get weakness in your foot, causing you to drag your foot behind you. If it progressively worsens, you can have loss of bowel or bladder. That’s why you want to take care of discs when you get the initial signs or symptoms that they have become a problem.

Take That First Step

Wondering if you could benefit from non-surgical spinal decompression? Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Shara.


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