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Prenatal & Pediatric Chiropractic in Alexandria VA

Care for Kids & Pregnant Moms

Dr Shara smiling at a babyAt Back to Health Center, we want to give you the comprehensive care you need to feel well and do the things you love.

We offer prenatal and pediatric chiropractic Alexandria to ensure that we address the needs of every member of your family.

Dr. Shara is highly trained in taking excellent care of our pediatric patients using natural and holistic methods.

A Happy and Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnant moms seek our help for four main reasons:

  • Breech Presentation: Dr. Shara is a certified in the Webster Technique that was specifically developed to take pressure off the pelvis and lower back. It ensures proper spinal alignment and may reduce the likelihood that you’ll need birth intervention such as a C-section. Our acupuncturist may also assist using moxibustion.
  • General Wellness: Many area doulas and midwife practitioners refer their moms to us to ensure that the pelvis is aligned. The result is decreased labor duration and intensity and an increase in the chance of a natural birth.
  • Induction: Near the end of your pregnancy, we may help to ensure the best possible labor and delivery. When your body is aligned, you’ll be more prepared for this process. Our acupuncturist also uses techniques that may help facilitate uterine contractions.
  • Pain Relief: If you’re experiencing discomfort, we can help to alleviate complaints from your altered center of gravity, increased amounts of the hormone relaxin and the extra weight of your baby.
Newborn baby

Caring for Our Youngest Patients

According to research, many childhood ailments may be linked to misalignments of the spine that cause your nervous system to work at less-than-optimal levels. This hindrance may worsen existing problems or cause concerns such as ADHD, colic, ear infections, breastfeeding issues and allergies.

Improving Health With Alexandria Prenatal and Pediatric Chiropractic

Frequent colds and illnesses are often accepted as inevitable in a child’s life. Though your child may not be in pain, they could still have a misalignment or subluxation in the spine.

By correcting them, proper alignment can be restored to the spine, allowing your child’s immune system to work at its highest levels.

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