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Meet the Doctors at Back to Health Center

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Dr. Shara Posner

Dr. Shara Posner MS DC CAACP,
Creator of the Mobile Momma Method

A College Park Scholar at the University of Maryland, Dr. Shara was studying for her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology when she first encountered chiropractic. As an intern at a chiropractor’s office, she saw people walking into the practice bent over in pain but leave happy and feeling well. Since then, Dr. Shara has been hooked on the idea of living a more health-minded lifestyle.

Dr. Katie Zimmerman photo

Dr. Katie Zimmerman,

Dr. Zimmerman enjoys helping her patients live a healthier, pain-free life. She treats every patient as a unique individual. She is a certified health coach, and has a great interest in nutrition and lifestyle changes to improve overall health. She also takes a special interest in women’s health issues and is certified in Webster technique. She enjoys helping families reach and sustain their health goals through chiropractic care.


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