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Prenatal and Infant Massage In Alexandria

Bringing a child into the world impacts your life in unexpected ways. From the early stages of pregnancy until a child reaches adulthood, you take on important responsibilities in the individual's life. Encouraging a healthy lifestyle starts with habits you develop during pregnancy. At Back to Health Center in Alexandria, we offer prenatal massage and pediatric massage as a key benefit that help you improve the health of your young child.

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What is Prenatal Massage?

Prenatal massage is a type of treatment used during pregnancy on an expectant mother. The treatment is a therapeutic way to help with specific symptoms or health concerns that develop during a pregnancy. By obtaining specialized massage therapy in Alexandria, you reduce the amount of pain you experience during a pregnancy and keep your stress levels low. 

When combined with chiropractic care, prenatal massage helps a mother stay healthy throughout her pregnancy. The key is working with experienced massage therapists to limit potential risks and ensure that proper measures are taken to protect the health of a mother and unborn child. At the Back to Health Center, we offer treatments based on the needs of a pregnant mother.

What is Infant Massage?

Infant massage, or pediatric massage, is a type of treatment used for young children and babies. During a pediatric massage, the therapist uses gentle touches and pressure to encourage better health and well-being in a young child. 

Since infants and young children need a reasonable amount of touch and interaction, a massage helps a child thrive and grow in a healthy way. The massage also helps a parent learn alternative ways to soothe an infant during the first months of a baby's life.

Advantages of Massage Therapy In Alexandria

Our Alexandria chiropractors believe the reasons you want to consider infant and prenatal massage ultimately focus on the advantages for your child. During pregnancy, a mother does not want to take on excess stress or allow feelings of depression to develop and grow. Massage helps reduce the anxiety, depression and stress that occur during a pregnancy. It also reduces pain and general discomfort by alleviating tension in the muscles.

For a young child, the benefits of massage extend into their health and well-being. An infant benefits for massage therapy in Alexandria by developing a healthier immune system. The massage also helps reduce the amount of fussiness and general crying occurring during infancy by soothing a young baby.

Since massage soothes a baby, it improves the quality of an infant's sleep and their ability to stay asleep. The result of a healthy sleep cycle is better overall health for the infant as well as the parents. 

Encouraging a baby to grow and thrive in a healthy way starts with identifying the advantages of natural healing strategies. A massage helps with specific concerns as well as a baby's overall health and well-being. When a professional at the Back to Health Center massages a pregnant mother or an infant child, it encourages the development of a healthier immune system. To learn more about massage therapy, contact us today.

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