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Our Sports Injury Chiropractor in Alexandria Treats Running Injuries

If you're a runner, you may be so dedicated to your chosen activity that you would be willing through almost any kind of inconvenience or discomfort. A painful running injury, however, is more than enough reason to put the workout or event aside and get help, not only for pain relief purposes to prevent you from doing further damage. If you suffer from a sports injury, then you need to visit the Back to Health Center. Your sports injury chiropractors in Alexandria (Dr. Posner or Dr. Hudgins) can evaluate the root of your knee pain, hip pain or other symptoms and provide drug-free, non-surgical treatment.

running to chiropractor in Alexandria

The are many ways you can injure yourself as a runner, either all at once or over a lengthy period of time. The most alarming injury is the acute variety where a fall other such freak accident causes violent twisting and tearing of one or more joints, an emergency that may require surgery. But chronic injuries due to a combination of repetitive strain and musculoskeletal imbalances are the more common scenario. Your weight-bearing joints, muscles and connective tissues must withstand a considerable pounding when you run, and they can only do this properly when their vertical balance is optimal. If you're running with an undiagnosed misalignment along this chain of structures, you may develop running injuries such as:

  • Plantar fasciitis - Inflammation of the connective tissue that supports the arches of the feet

  • Runner's knee - A repetitive strain injury that produces knee pain just below the patella

  • Iliotibial band syndrome - Inflammation of the ligament connecting the knee to the hip, which can cause both knee pain and hip pain

  • Achilles tendonitis - Strain in the tendon that runs from the heel to the calf muscle

Natural Pain Relief Through Chiropractic Care and Full Body Wellness

Your sports injury chiropractor in Alexandria addresses both your immediate symptoms and your long-term recovery from a running injury. Since misalignments at any point along the body can produce knee pain, hip pain, foot pain and other symptoms, we will evaluate your spinal alignment, stance, gait and other factors to pinpoint the underlying abnormality behind your pain. We can then provide natural pain relief through a variety of methods, each working to restore you to a state of full body wellness.

Chiropractic care can be central to your recovery. By correcting you musculoskeletal alignment, we can take that extra stress off your weight-bearing joints and the tissues that work so hard to support them. This can eliminate hip pain, knee pain and other issues. Massage therapy can enhance circulation and relieve pain in injured soft tissues, while cold laser therapy stimulates tissues healing at the cellular level. Physical therapy to train your body in its new alignment and protect against recurrences is yet another part of a full body wellness program. Call our chiropractors 703-683-7771 so we can get you running again!

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..I am extremely grateful for the outstanding care that I receive from Dr. Shara, and I highly recommend the Back to Health Center to anyone who is interested in improving their health through high quality care.

Pam V
Alexandria, VA

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