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Infant Cranial Adjustment & Chiropractic Care From Your Pediatric Chiropractor in Alexandria

Chiropractic care is safe and beneficial for individuals of all ages, including young children and infants. Whether a child is born via a natural birthing process, a vaginal birth with some level of intervention, or a C-section, the birth process can be very traumatic to an infant’s spine and cranium. In all these birthing scenarios, it is increasingly common for spinal subluxations to occur. Our pediatric chiropractor in Alexandria has substantial experience with infant cranial adjusting. Cranial care after birth can help reduce the incidence of colic in infants, improve latching during breastfeeding, and enhance the infant’s overall health.

Studies Show Infant Cranial Adjusting Relieves Colic & Improves Breastfeeding Latching

Today’s birthing process is far harder on infants than many individuals realize. An increasing number of births require the intervention of forceps or a vacuum distraction. Additionally, when a birthing mother is given an epidural, her body is no longer able to actively participate in the birthing process. Unnatural uterine constriction can force some babies to take on a cramped posture or have a leg overhead.

A C-section delivery may exert greater pull force on the baby’s head and neck during than a vaginal birth. Many women describe a “pulling and tugging” sensation as the infant is taken from their belly during the surgical procedure. This pulling and tugging can exert considerable force on an infant’s fragile spine. Additionally, a C-section delivery does not allow for the infant’s head to be compressed in the birth canal. This compression is natural and healthy, because upon delivery, the change in pressure will help start a strong flow of cerebral spinal fluid from the tailbone to the brain. Consequently, for infants born via C-section, cranial care immediately after birth is especially important.

Regardless of how your infant was born, studies show that infant cranial adjusting is an effective treatment for colicky infants. Research from Joyce Miller, et al. found that the parents of infants who receive manual adjustments report less crying from their infant compared with infants who have not been adjusted. Manual adjustments may help to eliminate subluxations in the spine that lead to colic, thereby reducing discomfort in infants that was manifested in crying.

Infants who struggle to effectively latch during breastfeeding may also benefit from cranial adjustments. Tools are used to facilitate the birthing process, including forceps and vacuum extraction, can affect an infant’s ability to suckle. According to research published by La Leche League International, a chiropractic evaluation of oral function and manual adjustments to an infant’s cranial (skull) bones can help improve suckling and latching for breastfeeding.

Manual adjustments, including cranial adjusting, is safe and effective for infants when these adjustments are performed by a qualified pediatric chiropractor. Our pediatric chiropractor has adjusted hundreds of infants using a gentle, safe and compassionate touch. To learn more about the benefits of pediatric chiropractic adjustment, including whether your child is a good candidate, contact our chiropractor today at 703-683-7771.

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