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Cranio-Sacral Therapy in Alexandria Delivers an Advanced Natural Healing Technique

cranio-sacral therapy in Alexandria

In the last few decades, medical science has discovered just how truly dynamically the human musculoskeletal system reacts and responds to the many physical forces, stresses and processes that make up everyday life. The membranes, fluids and soft tissues enveloping the brain and spine form the cranio-sacral system, which moves in distinct rhythms to ensure proper nerve and tissue function throughout the body.

If something disrupts this system, a host of health problems may result, ranging from developmental disorders to chronic pain. Here at Back To Health Center in Alexandria, we have the skill and experience necessary to perform cranio-sacral therapy, a gentle, hands-on approach to address problems within this system and help restore patients to health.

To understand cranio-sacral therapy, it is important to understand how the cranio-sacral system works. The bones sutured together to form the human skull are articulated to allow for a certain degree of movement, a phenomenon first observed by Dr. William Sutherland more than a century ago. Dr. Sutherland postulated that this movement corresponded to a series of vibrational rhythms within the body that he dubbed "The Breath of Life."

In the 1970s, Dr. John E. Upledger confirmed that these rhythms were taking place with the cranio-sacral system, which includes the membranes surrounding the skull, the soft tissue supporting the spinal column and the cerebrospinal fluid in the spinal cord. Dr. Upledger found that even small musculoskeletal issues could disrupt the cranio-sacral system's operation, causing tension within the system that prevented the central nervous system from communicating optimally with other parts of the body. These disruptions can contribute to such diverse conditions as autism, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraine headaches, weakened immunity, emotional problems, scoliosis and colic, among others.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy Complements Natural Healing of the Body

Cranio-sacral therapy applies a remarkably light degree of touch -- roughly equivalent to the weight of a single nickel -- to diagnose tensions that are impairing the cerebrospinal fluid's freedom of motion. Our acupuncturist, Joanie Stewart, L.Ac, DOM (Licensed Acupuncturist, Doctor of Oriental Medicine) who learned this specialized technique at the Upledger Institute, can detect disruptions in the cranio-sacral system, at which point we can apply soft-touch techniques to release those tensions, normalizing neurological function in the body.

Alexandria Natural Healing

Cranio-sacral therapy has been shown to help patients with a variety of chronic neuromuscular disorders (TMJ and Fibromyalgia) as well as behavioral disorders (anxiety and autism), and of course many pain conditions (migraine headache, neck and back pain). CST has also proven effective in treating many infant and childhood disorders.

We cannot determine whether cranio-sacral therapy is wise for an individual until we have performed an initial evaluation of that patient’s medical history and current health. We encourage anyone in the Alexandria and Washington D.C. area suffering from chronic or acute health problems to contact our office to schedule an appointment.

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..I am extremely grateful for the outstanding care that I receive from Dr. Shara, and I highly recommend the Back to Health Center to anyone who is interested in improving their health through high quality care.

Pam V
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