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Back To Health Center Is Your Alexandria
Rehabilitation Resource

Back To Health Center is your trusted source for post-injury rehabilitation in Alexandria. Through chiropractic care, post-injury pain can become a thing of the past. Whether your injury is recent or chronic, our caring team is ready to create a personally optimized rehabilitation care plan to both manage and heal your experience of pain now.

Rehabilitate From Post-Injury Pain with Our
Alexandria Chiropractors

Have you suffered from either an acute or chronic injury? You may have become accustomed to living Alexandria Rehabilitationwith the regular occurrence of pain or think your injury is too old or complicated to be addressed. Through regular chiropractic care, rehabilitation of both new and old injuries occurs successfully.

If you have recently experienced an occupational, sports, at-home or recreational injury, chiropractic as part of a rehabilitation plan is a safe and effective healing method. There is no better time to see one of our experienced chiropractors than directly after an injury has occurred; before the pain has an opportunity to set in. Occasionally, following an injury, pain may not be realized for days up to weeks thereafter. When left untreated, pain may be worse than it would be with immediate care.

When we suffer an injury, our soft tissues respond by compensating and protecting our skeletal frame from damage. This compensation often tightens and contracts soft tissues such as connective fascia, tendons, muscles and ligaments. When these tissues are contracted, vertebrae easily become subluxed, and misalignment of the spinal column occurs. Our Alexandria team of chiropractors utilizes several state of the art techniques and technologies to free your vertebrae from subluxation and restore optimal posture to your spinal column.

When an injury occurs, nervous system communication becomes confused. When the spine is realigned through regular chiropractic adjustments, this communication is restored and posture is reinstated gradually over time. At Back To Health Center in Alexandria, our chiropractors develop care plans that include regular chiropractic adjustments, nutritional therapies to help manage pain and offer everyday healing support as well as personally prescribed, at-home rehabilitative exercise routines.

Old and chronic injuries respond well to chiropractic care as well for rehabilitation. When an injury is left untreated, the compensation of tissues described becomes the body’s everyday system of communication. When injury is allowed to set in, tissues and vertebrae can constantly or intermittently exist in a state of misalignment and contraction. This may result in headaches, neck and back pain, fatigue and whole body discomfort. 

Our team of chiropractors will develop a comprehensive plan that helps you begin feeling improvement with each treatment while assisting to correct longer term spinal misalignment. While it may require a longer course of treatment, the results of each session will be evidenced through enhanced range of motion, decreased pain, reduction of headaches, improved energy and an overall sense of well-being.

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..I am extremely grateful for the outstanding care that I receive from Dr. Shara, and I highly recommend the Back to Health Center to anyone who is interested in improving their health through high quality care.

Pam V
Alexandria, VA

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