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About Us - Getting Back to Health

Serving Alexandria & Washington D.C.

back_to_health_logo_1.pngThe Back To Health Center is a trusted natural and alternative health center offering a full range of holistic health services to the Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland communities. At the Back To Health Center, our mission is simple: “to alleviate pain, facilitate healing and improve our patients' quality of life using the best chiropractic, massage therapy, and acupuncture techniques available".

Our professional staff of highly trained and experienced practitioners are licensed and well respected in their respective fields. They work with clients to address a vast range of health concerns ranging from muscular-skeletal issues to everyday stress to chronic digestive, respiratory, immune, hormonal and other conditions.


We're here to help you identify the best approach to meet your needs, so even if you've never tried chiropractic treatment, acupuncture or massage therapy before, we can help you get started comfortably and with confidence. Call us now for a consultation, and get on the road to recovery and greater well being.

Alexandria Chiropractor HIPAA Forms

THIS ---->https://justadjustitcom.chiromatrixbase.com/alexandria-chiropractor-about.html

Chiropractic Office Hours

Monday7am - 12pm3:30pm - 6pm
Tuesday7am - 12pm3pm - 7:15pm
Wednesday7am - 12pm3:30pm - 6pm
Thursday7am - 12pm3pm - 7:15pm
Friday7am - 12pm
Day Open Close
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7am - 12pm 7am - 12pm 7am - 12pm 7am - 12pm 7am - 12pm Closed Closed
3:30pm - 6pm 3pm - 7:15pm 3:30pm - 6pm 3pm - 7:15pm Closed Closed


Massage Therapy Hours

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
9am 9am 9am 9am 9am 9am 10am
8pm 8pm 8pm 8pm 8pm 7pm 4pm


Acupuncture Hours

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
9am 9am 9am 9am 9am 9am Closed
6pm 6pm 6pm 6pm 6pm 2pm Closed


..I am extremely grateful for the outstanding care that I receive from Dr. Shara, and I highly recommend the Back to Health Center to anyone who is interested in improving their health through high quality care.

Pam V
Alexandria, VA

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